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Oct 3, 2022

With StateMix you can order an oven that is sized or custom-designed to economically satisfy your unique urethane applications. Our convection ovens are designed for heating molds, curing, and post-curing cast parts or for heating raw materials in pails or drums. StateMix Ovens and Hot Tables all use electric heaters for ease of installation and reliable operation. 



Hot Table  


StateMix Hot Tables is a unique product option that allows heat to process molds that require accurate leveling or larger horizontal surfaces in the workspace footprint. This design offers flexibility to support your production line processes, integrating with simplicity for your operators.  


  • Operating temperature: 250°F or 300°F 
  • Workspace footprint (width x depth x height): 96” x 48” x 36” 
  • Flat Interior workspace (width x depth): 92” x 44” 


Key Features: 

  • Insulated cover allows for regulated temperature control.  
  • Caster wheels are height adjustable to accustom ergonomic functions   


Additional features for Hot Tables 

The insulated cover design can be customizable in variable height sizes based on your processes and equipment requirements. Internal task lighting is optional but limited to cover design specifications.  


Walk In Ovens 


Useful for a continuous heat treat process for medium quantities of material. This design offers ease of operation with functionality to walk in and out of a temperature-controlled room that will regulate consistent heat. 


  • Max operating temperature: 300°F 
  • Workspace footprint (width x depth x height): 83” X 87” X 113” 
  • Interior workspace (width x depth x height): 60” x 78” x 73”


Key Features:  

  •  Accommodates large and heavy part sizes.  
  •  4” high performance insulated panels, with exterior stainless-steel panels cool to the touch for minimal maintenance and easy cleaning. 


Customizations unique to Walk in Ovens: 

A highly visible count down timer was an added feature used on this product in the past. It was tailored to aid production processes for the purposes of staying on schedule, reducing rejection parts, and encouraging discipline for operators to be systematically efficient.  



Walk-through Ovens  


Useful for industrial settings where massive quantities of material need to be cured and kept at a regulated temperature. This design is unique to offer ease of operation to aid manufacturing with forward flow processes. 


  • Max operating temperature: 300°F 
  • Workspace footprint (width x depth x height): 83” x 128: x 113”  
  • Interior workspace (width x depth x height): 60” x 119” x 73”  


Key Features:  

  • Ease of access with wheeled carts or forklifts through stage processes   
  • Useful for heavy and large batch parts  


Tailored features for Walk-through Ovens: 

In previous production history of this product our team recommended an added safety feature of fume extraction that was controlled by fan regulation. This additional benefit allowed for temperature controls to monitor back draft flow, ensuring accuracy with regulated temperatures throughout the entire oven.  


Overview of Oven Variety


Our walk in and walk-through ovens can be customized with a higher temperature to accommodate your business needs. In doing so our design will adjust accordingly and require mechanical shop drawings or 3D renderings to be approved by you after the collaboration of details are gathered.  



Material Oven 


Material Ovens from StateMix are useful for raw material storage. Providing easy access and temperature control for your large drums or pails. This product design allows each container of material to have its own access door for retrieval.

Standard Option of 4 Compartments: 

  • Independently controlled heat zones: 1 or 2 
  • Max operating temperature: 150°F, 220°F 
  • Workspace footprint (width x depth x height): 144” x 42” X 66”  
  • Interior workspace (width x depth x height):130” x 30” x 64” 

Standard Option of 6 Compartments: 

  • Independently controlled heat zones: 1 or 3 
  • Max operating temperature: 150°F, 220°F 
  • Workspace footprint (width x depth x height): 210” x 42” X 66”  
  • Interior workspace (width x depth x height): 195” x 30” x 64” 


Key Features for Standard Options:  

  •  Material held at production temperature for efficient turnaround  
  •  Compact footprint allows maximizing efficiency of workspace operation area  


Customizations to consider for Material Ovens

Multi-zone heating of up to 250°F can be an added customization. This added feature can accommodate post curing processes in zones of your choice. By allowing more temperature variety to your raw materials the processes that follow become more efficient and strengthen the production process.  



Conveyor Oven  


Useful for industrial settings with an assembly line workflow. StateMix conveyor oven allows molds to enter one side of the conveyor belt and exit on the opposite end. The functionality of the equipment offers control over temperature and speed which provides measurable action to the hot and cooling process of your polyurethane parts. 


  • Max operating temperature: 250°F 
  • Workspace footprint (width x depth x height): 39” x 210” x 71”
  • Interior workspace (width x depth x height): 27” x 161” x 32” 


Key Features:  

  • Supports traditional production line efficiency with belted flow process 
  • Ergonomic design to support heavy molds  

Customizations possible for Conveyor Ovens  

To accommodate further ergonomic benefits the height of the machine and belt could be a customization that will improve the workflow on your production line. An adjustment to the interior workspace and height of equipment can support the overall ergonomic design for companies with exceptionally large molds.  


What makes StateMix unique?  


The variety of standard ovens and hot tables are designed specifically to accommodate popular polyurethane hot curing of casting processes. Your production line layout is then taken into consideration with the product type, options, and choices. An added benefit is our collaboration stage with our clients and the extensive testing in your product purchase journey. Our team expertise and experiences will confidently provide valuable insight into the polyurethane industry. StateMix works closely with our parent company State Industries and operates our equipment daily to ensure durability and dependability.  




Offering a variety of product types for ovens such as walk in, walk through, material, and conveyor, StateMix allows many options so the decision for your company is simple. By understanding your processes and procedures, our team will propose the best suitable option for your manufacturing needs. To us these machines are not just a sale, it is the beating heart to your production line, and we would love to share that connection with you.  

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