Convection Ovens:

Rather than purchasing an oven that is not designed and manufactured for your needs, you can now order an oven that is sized and custom-designed to economically satisfy your unique urethane applications.

StateMix’s electric convection ovens are designed for heating molds, curing, and post-curing cast parts or for heating raw materials in pails or drums.

By introducing hot air circulation throughout all levels of the oven, all components are brought to a temperature up to 250°F (120°C) homogeneously and very quickly. A variety of sizes and custom designs are available based on specific applications.

Hot Tables:

Are unique tools in the cast urethane industry used to heat and process molds that require accurate levelling or have a large horizontal surface. 


  • Various Table Sizes & Insulated Cover Options Available
  • Digital Temperature Controller 
  • High-Temperature Shut-Off System 
  • Programmable Timer 
  • Electric Heat
  • Aluminum or Steel Surface Plate
  • Stainless Steel Panel Construction
  • Levelling Feature
  • High-Temperature Insulation
  • 240°F Operating Temperature
  • 300°F Max Temperature, with Insulated Cover  

Rotational Rolls Covering Units:

At StateMix, we also develop turnkey systems for rotational casting of industrial rollers. These rollers are primarily used in the pulp and paper, steel and printing industries, and large conveyer systems. The size of rollers processed with our rotational casting machine can be as large as 6 feet (1.8 meters) in diameter and 40 feet (12 meters) in length. Rotational casting process is a system in which fast curing polyurethane systems, which are especially formulated for room temperature applications, are applied to the surface of rolls.

In this process, the ribbon flow material is pumped through a metering machine to a traversing mix head that deposits the mixed material onto a rotating steel shaft. Depending upon the casting thickness required, one or more mix head passes might be required. Once applied, deposited polyurethane will achieve a final cure at room temperature. Rotational casting polyurethane applications in comparison with conventional hot mold casting of large industrial rollers has the following advantages:

• No mold is required
• No oven is required
• Less scrap due to air bubbles
• Overbuild waste is greatly reduced
• Less labour
• Short turnaround time
• Lower production costs

Not only are the polyurethane mixing machines manufactured at StateMix for rotational casting systems; the robotic arms, lathe assembly and all control systems are developed and manufactured in house as well.

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