The Vortex Mixer VM-1000

The VM-1000 is a stand-alone mixer that can handle up to 1000 grams or 2.2lbs of material per batch. This unit is used both in a lab and for small production runs.


37" Tall, 27" Wide, 27" Deep (95cm x 69cm x 69cm)

Principles of Operation of VM-1000

The main vertical rotating axis will force the liquids to the far side of the pail while the second counter rotation creates a vortex motion within the liquids, which facilitates the rapid mixing of the materials. Through this vortex motion, raw materials with very high or low viscosity can be mixed very effectively. Off-the-shelf, re-usable plastic pails with snap on lids contain the material during mixing.

To operate, simply pour all the raw material components to be mixed into the pail, snap shut the lid, place the pail into the container holder and press the start button. Both the speed and duration of the mix is pre-adjustable in the system and are set according to the viscosity, temperature, and types of materials being mixed. Most materials are completely mixed within 30 to 60 seconds.

The VM-1000 construction contains a high horsepower motor, suspended in a custom designed cradle system. The motor provides the bucket with its required rotation in both axes. A Kevlar belt assembly transforms the vertical rotation of the base to the second opposite rotational axis. Prior to mixing, a counter weight system is dialed according to the amount of material poured in the pail. The VM-1000 can mix up to 1000g or 2.2lbs of material in one shot.

The drive system of the VM-1000 consists of a single phase 208-230 V motor with a variable frequency motor driver and a dynamic braking system. It also contains a timer that automatically activates the dynamic braking system to bring the machine to a halt very rapidly.


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