Automated Dispenser

Fully Automated Dispenser

With more than 35 years of experience in the cast polyurethane industry, and by employing state-of-the art computer and instrumentation technology, we have developed a polyurethane metering and mixing machine that consistently delivers quality cast elastomers.

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StateMix urethane dispenser can be set up easily and are capable of metering and mixing various polymers such as MDI, TDI and rotational casting systems.

The heart of our innovative design is the interaction of Coriolis mass flow sensors, and precision metering pumps with digital motor drives, all of which are monitored and controlled by the main computer. By connecting these instruments and taking advantage of the latest technology in networking systems, we have designed and manufactured a reliable and rugged dispenser with an impressive accuracy. Since almost all components of our system are off-the-shelf products, maintenance and up-keep of this machine is greatly simplified and made more economical.

Pump Assembly

Pump Assembly

The pump assemblies in the StateMix dispenser consist of a positive displacement limiter and a DC motor.

Our pumps are carefully selected off-the-shelf products, which provide uniform, pulseless flow under varying conditions of pressure, temperature, and viscosity. By using different pump sizes,total flow rates of 0.1 lbs. to 80 lbs. per minute are achived. Each DC motor is connected to its' own motor drive and each motor drive continuosly receives updated information from its' mass flow meter and adjusts the pump speed to maintain the set flow rates.

Pump Head

Mixing Head

Our dynamic mixing heads are designed with ease of operation and simplicity of maintenance in mind.

Up to 6 streams including flush and dye can be introduced to the mix head simultaneously. We have taken steps to minimize the number of moving parts. seals, and bearings in the mixing head.

Main Computer

Computer Panel & Digital Controls

The main computer is also an off-the-shelf industrial processor which provides operator interface as well as monitoring and controlling all main functions of the system. To begin the pour, all the operator has to do is to enter the desired ratio and total flow rate. From this point the computer will take over, calculate the flow rate of each individual component, start the pumps, and establish the feed-back loop between mass flow meters and the motor drive while all streams are being re-circulated to their respective tanks.

Dispenser Tanks

Tanks and Heating chambers

All tanks are individually heated with their own air or electric driven agitators. Our tanks vary in size from 5 to 110 gallons. The heating system on each tank consists of a multiple number of low wattage heating coils wrapped around the tank, providing consistent heating of the material inside the tank. All lines, valves, manifolds, pumps and mass flow meters are located in closed insulated chambers and heated by forced air and controlled by separate PID temperature controllers.

Dispenser Key Components


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