Convection Oven

Convection Ovens

Rather than purchasing an oven which is not designed and manufactured for your needs, now you can order an oven that is sized and custom designed to satisfy your unique urethane applications very economically.

StateMix's electric convection ovens are designed for heating molds, curing and post curing cast parts or for heating raw materials in pails or drums.

By introducing hot air circulation throughout all levels of the oven, all components are brought to a temperature up to 250'F homogeneously and very quickly. A variety of sizes and custom designs are available based on specific applications.

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Hot Tables

Hot Tables

Are unique tools in the cast urethane industry used to heat and process molds that require accurate leveling or have a large horizontal surface.

By using a custom designed winch assembly, the insulated top cover is moved up and down very easily, providing access to the table when it is in the raised position while maintaining the surface temperature of the table when lowered back to the table top. Select zones of the table can be heated if the whole surface is not needed.

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