Automated Tank Station

Automated Tank Station

Designed specifically to melt and dispense solid curatives such as MOCA or HQEE, as well as heat and dispense liquid prepolymers and curatives. The Automated Tank Station will heat your materials, degas if required, while agitating the material under vacuum and dispense the amount of material that you enter into the computer automatically. Since the tank assembly is completely sealed, you can store your sensitive materials under vacuum or a blanket of nitrogen, thus preventing any moisture contamination. Tank size can vary from 2 to 110 gallon capacity.

By incorporating this machine in your hand batching area, you can:

  • Improve your mix accuracy
  • Improve the cleanliness of your hand pour area
  • Prevent the raw material from contamination
  • Provide a safer environment for your staff

Principal of operation

The material can be stored in the tank prior to the required processing time. By setting the timer, the contents of the tank can be melted or heated to the desired temperature and ready to be used at the beginning of the shift.

The agitator will insure that the material inside the tank is heated gradually and homogeneously to prevent any discoloration or heat history to the material. To dispense the material, the operator simply places the container under the computer controlled valve assembly and enters the required amount.

The computer then opens the valve and begins monitoring the changing value of the scale. As soon as the desired amount of material is transfered to the container, the valve will close and a beeper will sound informing the operator to retrieve the pail from the scale. A ticket can be printed with the batch number and the actual amount of material dispensed.


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